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Palliative Care Evidence Review Service (PaCERS)

The importance of relating clinical practice more closely to evidence is recognised by health and social care professionals and commissioners alike. However, a significant obstacle is the lack of time to locate and read the literature relevant to clinical teams’ areas of practice. In addition, the expectation to assess its quality and deal with conflicting information can be challenging.

Rapid Review is defined as a review conducted within 8-10 weeks using modified systematic review methods with a highly refined research question, search carried out within limited set of databases and other sources and increasing the transparency of the methods used.

PaCERS has been developed as a rapid review service funded by Welsh Government to support professionals and other decision-makers working in palliative care. The service is unique in responding to external clinical/organisational calls for evidence rather than itself defining the review agenda.

Full details of our methodology can be downloaded here.


To conduct rapid reviews to answer research questions of current importance to health care professionals and other decision-makers in relation to palliative care, in the shortest possible time. This will allow the integration of research evidence into service development and practice at pace, and further embed research as part of daily practice.


• To work in partnership with the requester to refine the research question;
• To search for high quality evidence across a range of appropriate databases and information sources;
• To develop relevant search strategies to perform these searches;
• To identify the best available evidence to assess its quality and relevance;
• To synthesise the findings in a user friendly format;
• To develop a system for handling, storing, and retrieving this information;
• To provide training in research methodology relating to rapid reviews for requesters

Requesting a Rapid Review

PaCERS will respond to calls for evidence from Professional groups / organisations. Requests should be made by downloading the Request Form  and emailing to Please use this email address for any further information on this service.

Rapid Review Repository





Project Team

Oct 2021  

What is the evidence base for early palliative care integrated with acute oncology services in terms of oncology patient reported experience and outcomes, quality of life, and cost effectiveness?



Lowri Evans, Lucy Williams, Mala Mann and Anthony Byrne

   List of Studies
Jul 2021  

What are patient perspectives in atypical and idiopathic Parkinson’s disease of the benefits and timing of advance care planning and palliative care input?



Rosemary Patten, Mala Mann and Anthony Byrne

   List of Studies
Jan 2021   What is the evidence base for effectiveness and cost effectiveness of rapid response or enhanced response community palliative care service models?  

Owain Thomas (1), Helen Fielding (1), Rebecca Croft (1), Mala Mann, Anthony Byrne

(1) Carmarthenshire Specialist Palliative Care Team

   List of Studies
 May 2020   What is the evidence base for care models within care homes that improve the end of life for patients and their carers?  

Laura Chatland (1), Mala Mann, Prof Anthony Byrne, Dr Sabine Best (1)

(1) Marie Curie, London

  List of Studies
 Dec 2018   What is the evidence base for the assessment and management of cancer cachexia in adults with incurable pancreatic cancer?  

Anthony Byrne, Mala Mann, Amanda Woodward, James Davies, Alison Evans, Anna Torrens-Burton.

Melanie Jefferson, Palliative Care Department, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

  List of Studies
 Nov 2018   What are the attitudes and perceptions of patients with pulmonary fibrosis and their carers towards use of oxygen therapy?  

Anthony Byrne, Mala Mann, Amanda Woodward.

Ben Hope-Gill, Dept. Respiratory Medicine, University Hospital Llandough.

  List of Studies
Jul 2018   What are the models and outcomes of Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) in cancer and palliative care research?  

Annmarie Nelson, Mala Mann, Amanda Woodward, Ishrat Islam, Anthony Byrne.


  List of Studies
Jun 2018    What is the impact and effectiveness of the 7 day CNS service on palliative care patients and their families?  

Anthony Byrne, Mala Mann, Amanda Woodward, Ishrat Islam.

Mel Lewis, CVUHB Palliative Care Service.


  List of studies 
 Nov 2017   What outpatient models have proven efficacy for assessment and management of pelvic radiotherapy late effects?  

Anthony Byrne, Mala Mann, Amanda Woodward,Ishrat Islam.

Louise Hanna, Velindre Cancer Centre.


  List of studies
 May 2017   What processes decrease the risk of opioid toxicity following interventional procedures for uncontrolled pain in palliative care or cancer patients?  

Anthony Byrne, Mala Mann, Amanda Woodward, Ishrat Islam.

Sarbari Gupta, Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport.

  List of studies
 Mar 2017   Does advance care planning alter management decisions made by healthcare professionals?  

Anthony Byrne, Mala Mann, Amanda Woodward, Peter Gee.  

Cwm Taf UHB: Ian Back, Victoria Bayliss, Caroline Allen, Andrew Morris.  Cardiff & Vale UHB: Anthony Williams.


  List of Studies

March 2016 


What are best practice service models in rural areas for the delivery of end of life and palliative care?


Anthony Byrne, Mala Mann, Peter Gee, Amanda Woodward, Annmarie Nelson.


List of Studies