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Translational Research Committee Expertise

The people listed below form the TReC Committee, and will provide informal advice and guidance to assist with working up a submission, ready to present to a panel.


Prof. Matt Smalley (Scientific Chair)

Area of expertise: Breast Cancer Biology

Specifically: Mouse models of breast cancer; cancer stem cells; flow sorting.


Prof. John Chester (Clinical Chair)

Area of expertise: Bladder cancer, germ cell tumours and head/neck cancers.

Specifically: Trials for bladder and head/neck cancers, and in stratified medicine


Prof. Malcolm Mason

Area of expertise: Urological cancer

Specifically: Phase III Trials, Translational research.


Prof. Oliver Ottmann

Area of expertise: Haematology

Specifically: Early phase clinical trials, small molecule therapeutics, biologicals, clinical translational science, drug development.


Prof. Peter Barrett-Lee

Area of expertise: Breast Cancer Biology / Breast Cancer Treatments

Specifically: Consultant and Professor of Breast Cancer Studies


Prof. Angela Casini

Area of expertise: Medicinal and Bioinorganic Chemistry

Specifically: Synthetic chemistry, design of enzyme inhibitors, development of ex vivo methods for drug screening, target identification studies on anticancer compounds, toxicity screenings.


Dr. Andrew Westwell

Area of expertise: Medicinal Chemistry / Pre Clinical Drug Discovery

Specifically: Synthetic medicinal chemistry


Dr. Rob Jones

Area of expertise: Phase 1 trials

Specifically: Early Phase protocol development, DNA checkpoint inhibitors.


Dr. Steve Knapper

Area of expertise: Myeloid haematological malignancies, Molecularly targeted therapies, TKIs

Specifically: Interface between pre-clinical characterisation of new agents and early phase studies. "Back to bench" testing.


Prof. John Staffurth

Area of expertise: Radiotherapy, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, immunology

Specifically: All aspects of technical radiotherapy, molecular radiotherapy, functional imaging, translational immunology, late phase trial design.


Dr. Julia Gee

Area of expertise :Endocrine resistance in breast cancer, clinical trial sample profiling during drug treatment.

Specifically: Immunohistochemistry; development and use of in vitro models; gene microarray studies.


Dr Andy Godkin

Area of expertise: Immunology, hepatology, gastroenterology.

Specifically: Laboratory research and translational medicine.


Kay Wilson

Area of expertise: Early phase research delivery.

Specifically: Research nursing, chemotherapy nursing.


Dr Laura Newell

Area of expertise: Technology Transfer

Specifically: Intellectual property; translational funding; research commercialisation.