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Public and Patient Involvement

Our team of six research partners are there to offer help and advice to researchers on any areas of work that would benefit from the involvement of patients or members of the public. You can see how each research partner is linked to our programme leads in our organogram. More information on the role of the group and examples of their work can be found here.  For information regarding our rapid response group (which aims to respond to requests within three weeks), download our briefing paper here. Contact details for research partners can be obtained by emailing us on

Members of the public wanting more information about how to get involved in research, should read the information on our patients webpage.

Help and feedback on short pieces of work (lay summaries, patient documentation etc) can also be obtained from the Lay Faculty in the Systems Immunity Research Institute.

If you are a researcher interested in involving the public in you work, please look at the Health and Care Research Wales website for general information about how to effectively involve patients and the public. Health and Care Research Wales also operates an enabling involvement fund which will provide funding for patient and public involvement right from the start of a research bid being developed; this is often highly valued by funders.  Early application for this is needed as the process for recruitment of patients and members of the public can take some time.  We have set up a rapid response group which will shorten the recruitment period to three weeks, but you will need to contact us before submitting your request to Health and Care Research Wales to use this service.

Over the last decade the UK Standards for Public Involvement (UKSPI) have been developed by the four nations. They are an agreed way to successfully implement and undertake public involvement in your research. The pathway covers from before recruitment through to how you work together and ‘govern’ or oversee the involvement of the public. Have a look to see how straightforward the itemised activity relating to the standards really is. We are fortunate that one of our research partners, Bob McAlister, was part of the UK Development Group. He is available to answer any queries via our office.

The Wales Cancer Research Centre has been lauded for its work in public and patient involvement. Our standard operating procedures sit at the heart of how we go about our work. These documents are available here to download for the benefit of other organisations that wish to involve the public in their work.