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1 Oct

Our patient voices panel

Dawn's diary

We are delighted that three cancer patients have decided to join us at our launch event to share their stories. 

When we met with the patients a couple of weeks ago, Dawn Fisher and Ceri Hopkins shared some of their experiences of living with cancer. Dawn, who is an artist from Swansea, kept a visual diary of her experiences to help her cope with her diagnosis. She has offered to share some of the content from her diary below: 

Ceri is a breast cancer patient from north Wales. She shared another diary with us, written by her husband Paul. In his diary, he refers to himself as "Nurse Hopkins" and Ceri as his "patient", and explains the details of caring for a loved one with cancer in a humerous fashion.

Here is a short extract from the diary:

Day 8-11: I write to convey my thanks to Mr and Mrs Evans for making it possible for me to accompany my patient on her vacation to Anglesey at the weekend. Helpful too to be able to share a bedroom with my patient to enable me to carry out my hourly checks...

It was a very rewarding experience, I feel, for the patient's friends to see a professional nurse going about his daily duties: always at the ready; forever a cheery smile; always on the go. A nurses work is never done! Don't you agree?

Day 12: It is said you know you are a nurse when you find yourself betting on someone's alcohol level. Needless to say all bets are off here!

Day 13: Day 13 - Hmm! What more can I say? Looks like nursing duties are not going to be over any time soon.  Thank God I completed that first aid training in the army: You know, the one where I did a runner at the first sight of blood.

Click here to read the diary in full.