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Stratified Medicine

Stratified medicine divides patients into groups based on their risk of developing cancer or their response to certain therapies. Stratification is used to identify a group of patients with shared biological characteristics in order to apply a more precisely tailored and effective treatment plan.

This work package will support and facilitate the discovery of stratifying “biomarkers” to identify these groups. This will then lead to a rapid translation of these discoveries into clinical trials and routine practice for patient benefit.

The work of this team will be facilitated by the Wales Cancer Bank (WCB) and other organisations, including the Institute of Medical Genetics (IMG). The WCB is a biobank that collects samples of tissue and blood from patients in Wales where cancer is a possible diagnosis. The samples are stored to form a biorepository to which researchers worldwide can apply for biosamples and data.The IMG comprises academic and NHS laboratories providing the molecular analysis of samples, for discovery, validation and service-translation of biomarkers.

This work package will ensure that the benefits of internationally competitive and nationally forefront research are translated into clinical trial for patient benefit.

Dr Richard Adams