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Wales cancer trial data

Research is vital, research results add to our knowledge of cancer and help to improve cancer prevention, treatment, and care.

Interventional, observational and commercial studies are the three main types of trials or studies.

  • Interventional clinical trials involve patient volunteers testing new cancer treatments or screening tools. Researchers are then able to compare result to identify better treatments and tools.
  • Observational studies can involve researchers using large amounts of data, or talking to patients and the public to discuss their lifestyle and quality of life.
  • Commercial studies are sponsored by a company or commercial organisation to assess their treatments. They can be interventional or observational

Researchers are able to use the knowledge gained from research to understand risk factors behind why some people develop cancer, as well as understanding public and patient needs or preferences. This research can help to improve patient care and experiences.

For more information about what clinical trials are please visit the Cancer Research UK website by clicking here. If, as a patient or member of the public, you have questions about getting involved in research, please speak to your health care professional or treating doctor.

The production of this data has been a collaborative process involving Dr Rob Jones (Speciality Lead for Cancer in Wales), the Wales Cancer Research Centre and the Wales Cancer Network. For further information about the Wales Cancer Network please click here.

To better communicate with the cancer research community, and to facilitate better understanding of the research activity in Wales, every six months we will work with the Wales Cancer Network to share collated information with NHS cancer staff working in different cancer specialist areas. This information includes:

  • Description of the current research studies available by cancer site.
  • Shows the numbers of patients that have been recruited to cancer research studies.

All cancers UK trial data

Data has been collected for each of the UK nations as well as each region of Wales. Data has been collected to show the total recruitment for all cancer studies, and for specific cancer disease settings. Cancer disease specific information can be accessed below.

Data is collated by financial year (April – March). Click here to download a pdf.

Wales site specific cancer data

Access to relevant data enables NHS staff to have access to recent recruitment and trial information not only for all cancers, but also for specific cancer disease types. All this data is shared alongside a list of current cancer research studies that patients could potentially get involved in, which makes it easier for clinicians to identify suitable research opportunities for their patients.

Trial recruitment data is available for the following cancer disease sites and is supported by a list of relevant trials open in Wales:

This data, and the list of open trials, is updated every six months. For more up-to-date information on open trials please visit the UK government clinical trials website by clicking here.

If, as a patient or member of the public, you have any questions about getting involved in research please speak to your health care professional or treating doctor.

For further information on this project please contact: